Useful Information And Steps Regarding Mango: How To Cut A Mango

Mango is such a fabulous fruit that has no comparison. This fruit is something that gives a rich and exceptional taste. Some people would like to eat raw mangoes without chopping them into slices. But I would say that, chopping or cutting the fruit into slices will look beautiful and tempt you to eat them. No substitute could be found in this fruit. When you intend to cut the mango, you can experience that the juice will be running down in your hand, even when you put the knife in the fruit.

You yourself would like to have that running juice before you cut the entire fruit. This fruit can be used to prepare salads and other recipes. But slicing the fruit will be the most challenging and daunting tasks ever. Many people will come out with a question that, mango: how to cut a mango. If that is your question, you have to follow the below points for cutting the mangoes decently and beautifully. Here are the best steps and tips for cutting the fruit into slices.

Required Things For Cutting The Fruit

You require three important things for cutting the mango, which are as follows,

  • Paring knife.
  • Chef knife.
  • Bowl.

Make sure that you keep ready these three things ahead, you start cutting the mango: how to cut a mango. Usually, the biggest challenge while cutting the mango is that, the large seed that appears at the center of the fruit. You have to take care of the seed while cutting the fruit. The seed is as big and same size as the fruit. And you can find that both sides of the seed contain some fruit fleshes. The best practice is that, you have to cut off the flesh of both sides and begin slicing the balance fruit flesh in the seed.

While choosing the fruit, you have to choose the heavy and grip ones that can able to deliver the juice as you expected. The color of the fruit will vary from one fruit variety to another fruit variety. So, do not worry about the color of the fruit. All you have to do is to choose the best fruit variety that contains more flesh. Only then, you can enjoy many slices from the fruit. The important point is that; do not choose the hard fruit as that would not let you cut them easily. If the mango is hard, let it turn, fruity or ripen.

Directions To Cut The Mango

Below are the steps that you have to follow for cutting the mango.

1.​ The Cheeks Of The Fruit Should Be Removed

First of all, you have to concentrate on removing or ripping off the cheeks of the fruit. For that, first of all, you have to grasp or hold the fruit vertical or straight on the table or vegetable cutting board with your fingers. You have to use the tip or edge of your finger while holding. Do not hold the fruit in the middle of your fingers as while cutting the fruit, your fingers will be damaged. Now, you have to place the chef knife on the side of the fruit.

As you all know that, you cannot cut this fruit by rightly and accurately by portioning the center. Rather, you have to cut the fruit by side. The side of the stem should be chopped by slicing right down. While cutting the fruit, you have to hold it tightly. As soon as you reach the edge of the fruit, you have to take the chef knife off and turn the fruit to 90 degrees. Now, you have to chop off the other side of the seed. And now, you have two pieces of the fruit and a flat seed.

2.​ Cube The Fruit

Among the two pieces of the fruit, you have to grasp one of the mango pieces in your palm or on the cutting slat. It is time to use the paring knife. Use the knife and cut the fruit into long and lengthy slices as similar to the length of the fruit. Cutting this way would be helpful to make them into cubical slices. So, you have to repeat the same procedure by cutting the fruit at a 90 degree angle.

3.​ Swing The Fruit Back To Front

You have to decently compress the back of the fruit to turn it upside down. You have to then use your paring knife to slice the cubes. Cutting one side of the fruit is done and now you have to go behind the same instructions to cut the other side of the fruit. If you do, you will end up cutting the two halves of the fruit.

4.​ Slice The Flesh From The Seed

It is needless to mention that, now you have to cut the flesh from the seed. You have to place the seed flat on the cutting slat. And then, you have to cut across the seed to rip off any balance flesh from the seed. After that, you have to cut the sides of the seed and make them into precise cubes.

By the way, you have to do cut the fruit. Once, after cutting is done, it is up to you to use the sliced mangoes to make something or simply you can keep them in a refrigerator for many days. As well, you can store the sliced fruit in the freezer for up to 90 odd days.